The Employment Services team strives to provide services and opportunities that are safe and in your best interest.  You will be asked to follow all safety precautions, participate in various drills and utilize all designated safety equipment while participating in services.  Your assigned staff member will assist you in learning about the safety features at your new job or in the business that you visit.  If you are in a situation where you feel uncomfortable or believe that you are not safe, please let a staff know immediately.

The Employment Services staff strongly suggests if you are ill, have a temperature, have a high temperature, or are under a doctor’s care, you should stay home to rest and get better.  Please call to inform your Employment Services staff member or work supervisor that you are sick and when you expect to return.  It is not a good idea to come into an office, classroom or work site and risk exposing others to your germs.  Health official have also recommended that appropriate hand washing techniques should be utilized as a precaution against the spread of germs.  Please always wash hands after using a restroom, to help prevent the spread of any unwanted germs.