When are HWF offices open?    

HWF is open Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm.  Although these are the office hours, Employment Services staff also work on weekends and after hours, depending on your schedule and needs, once employment is secured. HWF is closed on the following Holidays, but again if you have a need, your ES staff member may work with you even though the office is closed.  The holidays that HWF is closed are: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve.


What are the fees for services at HWF?

HWF’s services are billed at the state level of $42 an hour, with billing being done on a quarter unit only for billing.  Mileage is billed at .38 a mile, again with state level billing.

Who pays for the services for HWF clients?

Most clients are paid for by an open case with Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Ticket to Work Program, Medicaid Waiver or Private Pay by the individual receiving services.

If I want to private pay, how does that work?

You just need to contact the Corporate Director of Employment Services at HWF.  HWF will work with you to set up a payment system, of which service must be prepaid before any services can be rendered.  HWF will help to monitor those hours/services for which you’ve paid.  You will receive a reminder when you have a few hours left of service, so you can send in more payment for continuation of services.

How do I receive a referral for Vocational Rehabilitation?

Anyone can self-refer for VR services.  You can call VR in your local region and ask to start the referral process and they can take the information over the phone and start the process for you.  You do not need a doctor, school or case worker to refer you for services.

How do I pick HWF as a service provider?

When you are speaking with a VR Counselor or any other referral source, you want to share with them that you are interested in working with HWF for services.  This may also be called a Notice of Choice call, which you can call HWF and speak to the Referral, Intake & Training Coordinator to learn more about services and if HWF is right for you.

What happens once I pick HWF as my service provider?

Once HWF receives the referral for you form your funder/referral source, HWF will reach out to you within 48 hours of receiving the referral.  Your information will be assigned to an HWF staff member that will be working with you.  They will call or email, depending on your preference, their contact information and set up and initial meeting to complete your Intake.

Where does Intake take place?

Most intakes are done in a public setting of a library or office, where your information can be kept confidential, but may take place at the HWF office near you or even your home.

What do I need to bring with me to Intake?

A picture/state ID or driver’s license, your social security card or birth certificate, a list of your medications you are taking to include the name, dose, frequency and what you take the medication for, guardianship papers (if applicable) and anything else you feel you want to share with the ES team.

What are expectations of me in ES services?

To attend all scheduled meetings, which include at least once a month meeting but could be once a week.  To also attend a quarterly meeting with your HWF staff member and your funder/stakeholder.  For you to share what you want to do for work, what you like and don’t like and any concerns you have.  Be honest. Try your best. Communicate.

Do I get to be a part of decision making for me and what I do?

Yes, you are always in the driver’s seat with your HWF services.  Individual Service Plans ISP) are written with you and your team.  The goals of what you want to do for work, how you are going to get and receive services and how you plan to reach those goals are all written with you in your ISPs for each service.  You are the primary focus and you help decide what areas you want to try out to see if you would like to do that type of work or to find employment in a specific area.

Are Trial Work Experiences Paid?

Unfortunately, Trial Work Experiences with HWF are not paid programs.  The TWEs are unpaid, but give great experience and feedback on your skills and talents, as well as allowing you to give your feedback through hand-on experience in the field you may be interested in.