Life Skills Classes:

HWF provides a series of life skills classes to persons on topics that are inclusive of everyday living skills that are needed for an individual to be successful and independent.  Individuals learn topics like personal hygiene, how to do laundry, cleaning, making a bed, folding laundry, ironing/steaming, doing dishes, personal health and routine checkups, coping with crisis, planning and reaching goals, organization, setting appointments and a routine schedule, communicating with others, social activities, and advancing in work or school. Group discussions are also held in topics like family issues, addiction problems, society concerns (where do I fit in and how do I become a part of).  We also teach emergency procedures in this class with local resources in the community that individuals can utilize in their community.


Resume Writing & Interview Skills:

Outside of HWF’s Employment Services or Ticket to Work Program, if individuals do not qualify for services, or waiting for services to start HWF will help individuals with resume writing and interview skills.  Part of the circle of services is employment and if an individual is working in another program with HWF, we will help with the referral to Vocational Rehabilitation services or check on the status of a ticket for Ticket to Work.  In the time that this is done, HWF will assist those individuals with learning what is needed for a resume and how to collect their past work history, contact information, supervisor information and references.  HWF’s employment team will help to develop a resume and once that is completed will help with mock interviews to build communication skills and how to be successful with interviews. 


HWF’s SOS Bank:

HWF has an SOS Bank that helps with clothing for individuals for interviewing, every day living and emergencies.  The SOS Bank is run through donations that are accepted of gently used clothing for interviews like suits, dresses, business casual clothing, dress pants/slacks and skirts, and shirts/blouses and shoes.  The SOS Bank accepts non-perishable and perishable donated items that are used for emergency needs for those in services.  Donations of food and personal hygiene products are kept in the bank and can be requested.  The bank is open to individuals who are in services with HWF and in emergency situations. The bank is to help with clothing for interviews, general daily living and hygiene products as well as food to assist in tight situations. Our HWF team members help the individuals pick out successful interview outfits from the bank to help them secure competitive community employment and clothing for their new position.  The SOS Bank is donation driven and a special thank you for any donations that are given, it is the way that the HWF SOS Bank can assist those being served!